Why choose SVM?

  • The World’s Largest Distributor of Silicon Wafers
  • 34 Years of Successful Silicon Wafer Distribution
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Multimillion-Dollar Silicon Wafer Inventory (50mm-300mm)
  • A Wide Range of Wafer Processing Options
  • Fast Delivery
  • We Speak Many Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French and more
  • SVM is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

Who We Are

SVM offers a wide range of high-quality virgin silicon wafers in diameters from 50mm to 450mm, and a complete line of non-silicon wafers including Float-zone (FZ), Silicon Carbide (SiC), Glass Wafers (Borofloat 33 and Eagle XG), Fused-silica, Quartz, Sapphire, and Gallium Nitride wafers.

In addition to our wafer products, we provide a wide range of processing services, including Thermal Oxide, LPCVD and PECVD films, PVD, CVD and ALD metals, Silicon Epitaxy, Photolithography, wafer-reclaim and much more.

Our Small Business Success Story


SVM is founded by Patrick Callinan focusing primarily on the sale of ceramic packages


SVM moves into its first 1,000 sq. ft office at 1440 Koll Circle. There are 3 employees.


By 1996, there are 10 employees. The sales group is focusing mainly on selling silicon wafers and JEDEC trays as the market for ceramic packages was on a steep decline. Another 1,000 sq. ft office location is added on Koll Circle.


SVM moves into a 5,000 sq. ft office space at 97 E. Brokaw Road. The warehouse facility moved to a 2,400 sq. ft location on Berling Drive. The employee total is now at 15.


SVM acquires an additional 4,000 sq. ft warehouse facility on Berling Drive. There are now 20 employees focusing almost entirely on silicon wafers.


SVM moves to 1150 Campbell Avenue in San Jose located near Santa Clara University. This is a 16,000 sq. ft facility with 5,000 sq. ft of office space and 11,000 sq. ft of warehouse space all under one roof. By this time there were 25 full-time employees and SVM's sales numbers had risen to $15 million.


SVM continues to grow and develop its silicon wafer line of products and services, focusing entirely on providing extraordinary customer service, specializing in same-day shipments from the now multimillion-dollar inventory. With 25 employees assisting customers in a variety of different languages, SVM can handle all of your wafer and wafer processing needs.


SVM moves to its current location on 2985 Kifer Road in Santa Clara, CA. Our new telephone number is (408) 844-7100 and the main fax number is (408) 844-9470.


In its commitment to be an environmentally conscious company, SVM installs a 50 kWh solar system offsetting over 55% of the company’s energy needs. Patrick Callinan founds Silicon Valley Solar. SV Solar begins engineering flat plate internal concentration solar modules that use less than half of the solar cells than traditional models.


SVM predicts $220 million in sales, making 2008 its highest grossing year to date. SVM is now a leading distributor of silicon wafers and services to both the semiconductor and solar industries. Patrick Callinan founds Vista Solar, a solar integrations provider. Vista Solar begins installing PV arrays throughout the Bay Area.


SVM adds Silicon on Insulator (SOI) as one of its primary material offerings.


Driven by demand of high-power semiconductor applications, SVM begins supplying Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers to its customer base.


SVM has now succeeded in supplying a variety of customers and industries for 29 years and counting. 2019 marks another positive and successful year. With the rise of tariffs, SVM gains more mutually beneficial business deals with our vendors worldwide in order to continue supplying high quality products at low, competitive prices.


SVM celebrates 34 years of successfully supplying the semiconductor industry with thousands of wafers and value-added services.


Address 2985 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0802

Telephone (408) 844-7100

Fax (408) 844-9470

邮箱 [email protected]