SiC Reclaim

Silicon carbide (SiC) wafers are among the most expensive types of wafers used in the semiconductor industry today. This is primarily due to the difficulty in manufacturing to the tight specifications required for semiconductor fabrication, and due to the material properties of SiC itself.

Silicon carbide wafer reclaim allows for SiC wafers to be reused, therefore providing cost savings to customers who would otherwise need to purchase new SiC substrates.

The process for SiC reclaim is similar to the process for reclaiming other types of semiconductor substrates such as silicon. Any surface layers which were previously applied or deposited on the wafers are removed through a series of steps including grinding, polishing, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and cleaning. The goal of this process is to remove all surface layers appearing on the wafers and return them to a usable specification.

SVM reclaims SiC wafers and returns them to a high quality polished finish suitable for use again.

Anywhere in the Bay Area within 4 hours.

In the United States within 1 day.

Internationally within 3 days.