Standard test patterns are available for use in CMP, Etch, Clean, Packaging, and Biotech applications. In addition to our standard test patterns, SVM accepts custom patterning projects based on end-user design. 

  • Materials: silicon, glass
  • Diameters: 50mm to 300mm
  • Lithography Tools: immersion, scanner, stepper, proximity/contact aligner, e-beam
  • Technology Nodes: 65nm, 90nm, 130nm, 180nm, 250nm and larger
  • Photoresist: 193nm, 248nm(DUV), I-Line
  • Etch: Wet, RIE, DRIE, Lift off
  • CMP: W, Cu, Al, oxide, TEOS, SiN, etc.
  • Metrology: mask/reticle manufacture, SEM, cross section, e-test etc.

Test Reticles:

  • CMP dishing and erosion
  • Surface trench isolation (STI)
  • Damascene and dual damascene
  • Line/Space arrays
  • Redistribution later (RDL)
  • Via arrays
  • Bond Pads
  • Daisy chain
  • Memory patterns
  • E-testable structures
  • Wafer level packaging (WLP)
  • TSV – Through Silicon Via
  • Cu Pillars

Specialty Products:

  • Precious metals: Au, Pd, Ag, Pt
  • Thick photoresist
  • Polymides


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